u don’t understand and I can’t explain

Denim Jacket by Levi’s/ Jeans by Guess and Levi’s/ Tights by DKNY
Denim Shirt by Raf Simons/ Jeans by Guess/ Tights by DKNY
Jacket by ARKHAIVES/ Shirt by Dickies
Jacket by Levi’s/ Tights by H&M/ Turtle Neck by Uniqlo/ Jeans by Topshop
Jacket and Jeans both by Levi’s


Photo by Sun Choi @sunoow – www.bysunchoi.com
Featured by Khalia bazile @speecial.k from Cast Images @castimages Agency
Styled by Khai Hutchison @khvi – www.khaihutchinson.co
Makeup/hair by Yvette Matthews-Mason @blushedbyyvette – www.blushedbyyvette.com

by Sun Choi