Behind the Stitches with Hyunse Kim

Behind the Stitches with Hyunse Kim

August 20, 2023 New York, NY In the center of Seoul, nestled among the bustling urban landscape, is a studio where time, tradition, and modernity converge. Here, the renowned designer Hyunse Kim presents a symphony of threads, patterns, and ideas. His most recent masterwork is The STITCH Collection.

Picture this: a quiet morning, the studio awash with soft sunlight filtering through the large windows. Fabric rolls, sketches, and patterns are littered about, attesting to countless hours of meticulous craftsmanship. In the center, Hyunse is engaged in the intricate task of tailoring, his fingertips dancing gracefully over a garment, each stitch a manifestation of his vision.

The STITCH Collection wasn’t just born overnight. It is the result of observations, experiences, and a natural desire to challenge the status quo. As Hyunse frequently states, “Every design has a story, and every stitch has an emotion.” Which story has he decided to tell? It is about the contemporary office worker, who is ensnared by societal expectations but yearns for comfort.

By reinventing the traditional suit silhouette, Hyunse is not merely addressing physical discomforts. He’s sending out a clarion call for individuality, for the freedom to move, think, and express. To witness this collection is to embark on a journey – from the restrictive cuffs and collars of yesteryears to a liberated, comfortable, and confident tomorrow.

Every element of the STITCH Collection reflects Hyunse’s design ethos. The revised shoulder-armhole connection, the integrated lapel, and the relaxed cuffs are more than just design elements; they are symbols of a larger story about independence.

As the day unfolds, so does the collection. Hyunse applies the finishing touches with care, his dedication is evident in every detail. The STITCH Collection is a shining example of what can be achieved when tradition and innovation come together.

And as the sun sets over Seoul, one can’t help but feel that in the heart of this bustling city, with designers like Hyunse Kim at the helm, the future of fashion is not just bright – it’s revolutionary. :: @private__gray