Knitwear COS, Jeans Levi’s, Socks Production, Sneakers Converse, Over Coat Carla Campos
left: Turtle neck Carla Campos, Pants Carla Campos, Jacket Carla Campos, Socks Dockers, Sneakers Converse, Pink Sweat Dockers
right: Knitwear Levi´s, T-shirt Levi’s, Jeans Diesel, Denim Vest Levi’s, Socks Gant, Scarf Production, Sneakers Converse
T-shirt Lacoste, Shirt Levi’s, Jeans Production, Socks Dockers, Shoes Exceed, Cap Lacoste
left: Beanie Production, Turtle neck Carla Campos, Sweat and Pants Lacoste, Jacket Patrick de Pádua, Socks Happy Socks, Sneakers Converse
left: Sweat Gant Rugger, Pants Carla Campos, Jacket Carla Campos, Sneakers Exceed, Beanie Springfield, Collar Production, Socks Gant
right: Over Coat Carla Campos, Jeans Levi’s
Knitwear Dockers, Pink T-shirt Primark, Shirt Diesel, Shorts Patrick de Pádua, Over Coat Carla Campos, Beanie Adidas, Socks Happy Socks, Sneakers Converse


concept and styling: Own Statement Production @ownstatement
photography: Beatriz Correia @beatrizdsc
makeup: Eduardo Estevam @eestebam
model: Farlei @farlei_j from FaceModels @facemodelsagency