left: top and pants from EIKO AI and earrings from SUAGONGO

right: bodysuit from THE ARTELIER

left:dress and gloves from COMPTE

right: top and pants from JUAN VG and earrings from SUAGONGO

left: dress and gloves from COMPTE and sunglasses from PRADA

right: top and hat from SUSHCHENKO; a skirt from COMPTE and shoes from MERRFER

left: top and pants from EIKO and earings from SUAGONGO

right: dress from NIMPH and earrings from KOZAR

Photographed by Marie Beriestain @marieberiestain

Fashion by Liza G @liza_ggg

Model: Nadya Yumasheva from UNO Models @nadyayumasheva

Mua Anastasiia Babii @nastia.mua

Photo Assistant: Rui Soares @golden_ant