Doin’ Fine Today

Doin’ Fine Today

“the early twenties. We are in search of the future and the present. Who will we be? who do we want to be? and who are we now? One day we are thought to be younger, the next older. A fluid transition that can be shaped from the inside and the outside.”

right: necklace: Genevie the Label, handwraps: Burberry

dress: Cocktaildress „IVY“ Perly / Bataille, necklace: Genevie the Label

dress: Bataille    earrings: Jonney Gold“ – Freaky Feather , necklace: Genevie the Label

vintage, necklace: Genevie the Label

vintage    shoes: NEW ROCKS    socks: A-dam

vintage    shoes: NEW ROCKS    socks: A-dam    jumper: Bataille

Photo: Paula Koring @paulakoringula 

Styling: Dayana Arrieta @dayngel_

Model: Leo Aimée  @leoxaimee  from Girls Club Management / @girlsclubmgmt