Suit: Comme des Garcons Homme Plus Shoes: Rick Owens

Cropped blazer, transparent top and pants by Rick Owens, shoes by Rick Owens

left: Top and skirt by Namesake

right: T-shirt, bag and skirt by Namesake

left: Cropped blazer and pants by Rick Owens Boxers by Supreme

right: shoes by Rick Owens

left: Blazer: Rick Owens, Necklace: Necessity Sense, Shorts: Comme des Garcons Homme Plus

right: Shirt: Vivienne Westwood, Tie: Hermes, Belt: Comme des Garcons, Pants: Comme des Garcons Homme Plus

left: Full look Rick Owens

right: Blazer and shoes by Rick Owens, Shorts by Comme des Garcons Homme Plus Necklace by Necessity Sense

Top and accessories: Stylists own, Pants: Y-Project

left: Shirt and Suit: Comme des Garcons, Belt: BB Simons

right: Shirt: Necessity Sense Stüssy, Tie: Kenzo, Blazer: Models own, Bag and Skirt Stylists own

Art direction: Ole Wei-Yang Ripper @weiyang.ripper

Photography: Ole Wei-Yang Ripper @weiyang.ripper

Styling: Thuy Duong Tran @_tina___t and Michael B. Hsieh @topia_mbh

Photographer Assistant: Aaron Chang @chang_1206 and Dai Tien Jung @damn_visual

Models: Felix Zhi-Wei Zinke @juggwei, Cozy @kidcozy1, Dai Tien Jung @damn_visual, Seito Thor Shinohara @saintxn and Ole Wei-Yang Ripper @weiyang.ripper