Hijack Sandals Launches the Sonar Collection—Featuring New Sole Inspired by Whales

The fascinating world of deep-sea exploration comes alive in Sonar, a new Hijack Sandals collection set to release on August 29, 2022. The collection introduces a brand-new sole called MYSTIC, which takes its design cue from the skin folds seen in some species of baleen whales—also known as the Mysticeti. Like its car- inspired predecessor, the Mach-1 sole, MYSTIC was born out of a constant drive to explore and push limits in sandal-making. It’s this spirit of exploration that the brand aims to convey with the collection, as shown in the campaign slogan, Unravel New Depths.

Thanks to MYSTIC’s inner construction, Sonar is lighter than it looks—it won’t tire your feet even when you’ve worn it for hours. The broad sole also provides more ground contact, giving you a nice and stable footing in each step. The comfort doesn’t end here, as the shielded upper also gives your feet an ultra-snug feeling—as if they’re being hugged. Sturdy in looks yet light on the feet, Sonar makes your stroll an addictive experience.

Featuring cords and detachable straps, Sonar offers three different looks for you to experiment on. It also features a tongue with exposed ends, giving it a throwback look reminiscent of some iconic shoes of the past. Coming in three alluring colorways: Blach, Ether, and Meadow, feel free to explore a world of possibilities with Sonar.

The collection will be unveiled in Tokyo, Japan, on August 29, 2022, at Beyond Borders—Hijack Sandals’ Solo Japan Showcase. Stay tuned at @hijacksandals on Instagram and www.hijacksandals.com for updates.