IOEDLE_ New Town : Hazy Race Collection 

IOEDLE_ New Town : Hazy Race Collection 

We look back at when we, strangers, bonded in a strange land.

IOEDLE’s latest collection is inspired by memories of the new town I lived in as a child. The concept of the new town itself starts from the idea that it makes everyone a stranger. Being a planned city that is nobody’s hometown, and the many side effects that arise from it, have become the root of the design inspiration for this collection.

The fact that my personal first memory is of moving to the new town, and the bustling scene of people moving in, has deeply infused IOEDLE’s collection with nostalgia. Inspired by the unstable and rapidly pushed plans of new towns, we have researched and reinterpreted in IOEDLE’s own way to complete the ‘Hazy Race’ collection.

Brand : IOEDLE @ioedle

Director : Beomkyeong Seong @ioedle.bum

Photography : Song Choi @songchoi.photographer

Hair and make up : Jiwon Lee

Model : Sohyeon Ahn @ssoscorpio, Seok Min @min_seok_e_da

Team IOEDLE : Doori An @two2doori, Jinwook Ham @jinug, Haeun Lee @dangerousgirl2he