Founded by the visionary creative director and international award winner, Rim Assad, MNE.LЁN represents a remarkable journey of artistic expression and cross-cultural fusion. As the daughter of a Syrian father and Belarusian mother, Rim Assad’s upbringing embodied the beauty of cultural diversity and the idea of inclusion. MNE.LЁN reimagines the traditional folk costumes of the Middle East and Eastern Europe, weaving together the elegance of natural linen with decorative techniques from both cultures. This rich cultural tapestry became the driving force behind MNE.LЁN’s inception, symbolizing the harmonious co-existence and mutual complement of these two distinctive cultures.

At the core of the MNE.LЁN brand lies a commitment to sustainability and the utilization of locally-sourced raw materials, strengthening small local fabric and garment manufacturing businesses while preserving the tradition of linen processing in the textile industry. Linen is one of the most important traditional produces of Belarus and Rim sources materials and production locally and ethically, thus having full control over the product quality and significantly reducing the carbon footprint. The brand uses a network of hand picked local craftsmen in Syria and Belarus to create the intricate trims for the pieces.

MNE.LЁN’s unique clothing pieces are celebrated for their functionality, versatility, and a deep connection with nature. This exquisite luxury brand caters to individuals who are passionate about natural materials, functionality, and self-identification through their fashion choices, bringing eclectic looks that embody the principles of diversity and inclusiveness.

Following the successful launch of their inaugural collection, MNE.LЁN has now made their exclusive pieces available online and is expanding across Europe.

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