A story by Tal Brushel Influenced by Anna Karina life story

Wife and a muse to the most influential French filmmaker of the French new wave
She was an icon, appearing in most of his film but she was lonely

Despite the success, Behind the scenes their relationship was a tumultuous
when he was often absent without explanation

Knit dress: vintage by Oeuvres

Sunglasses: vintage by oeuvres, Shirt: vintage by love me 2 timea, Pants: vintage by love me 2 times

Shirt: vintage by love me 2 times, Pants: vintage by oeuvres

Silk dress: vintage by oeuvres

Pink suit: vintage by oeuvres

Swimsuit: jack cuba, Sunglasses: versace by oeuvres

Photographer & creative director Tal Brushel @tal_brushel

Art – Gabriela Kramer @gabrielakramer

Makeup & Hair Gitla Brushel @gitla_brushel

Fashion Corine Swed @corineswed

Model Nicola Ward @nicolaward25