Who likes Sunset

Who likes Sunset
Shirt by Roberts Wood, earring and ring by Mayu
left: top by Angel Chen, trousers by Teija, earring by Mayu
right: top by Steventai, earring by Mayu
blue shirt by Xiao Li, shirt by Teija, trousers by Jac + Jack
left: top by Tara Lee, earring by Mayu
right: blouse by Teija, camisole by Tara Lee, skirt by Xu Zhi, b&w skirt by Iceberg, earring, ring and bracelet by Mayu
shirt by Run, top by Teija, trousers by Shao Yen, earring by Mayu


Shot by Tetsuya Maehara @tetsua_maehara
fashion by Kazami @kazami_o
hair Yuuki Yanase @yuukiyanase
mua Machiko Yano @machiko_yano
model Sasha from PMR Model @sashasergeeva